You can learn the violin with a master violinist from anywhere on the planet!

One of the main reasons you should consider learning the violin via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime is that you won’t have to settle for a local teacher who may lack the necessary skills to take you to the next level.

There may be a plethora of teachers available in your area, but you may not have someone of world-class caliber who specialises in adult violin education.

Learning the violin online will save you time and money!

You no longer have to spend an hour commuting from your office or home while spending money on gas, train, or bus fares.

You can now study from the comfort of your own living room with an excellent teacher who is concerned about your progress and will guide you through the process of learning this beautiful instrument known as the violin.

Learn in the privacy of your own home or private violin practice studio!

Nothing beats the satisfaction of studying in your private environment. Learning complex concepts in your own setting is also much easier.

Relax and make a cup of coffee or tea before your violin lesson; it’s truly stress-free!

Warm-up before your violin lesson

When you take a traditional violin lesson, you may not have enough time to warm up your fingers before the lesson. You often have to come out of the cold and start playing the violin right away. This can be detrimental to your performance, as you generally need to warm up in order to perform your best for your teacher.

When learning to play the violin via Zoom, Skype, or Facetime, you can always spend a few minutes warming up before the lesson begins. This way, you can be completely prepared for your violin lesson and get the most out of your time with your teacher.

Concentrate more on the lesson

During the majority of in-person violin lessons, your teacher will frequently speak to you about various topics in your life and in violin playing.

You will almost certainly reciprocate and discuss your day and how things have been going. Some conversation is actually very beneficial to you and is a standard component of a standard in-person lesson.

However, it is a scientifically proven fact that both you and your teacher will be less inclined to engage in casual conversation and will be more focused on the actual lesson.

Contribute to the advancement of educational technology and make the world a better place!

There are many countries and areas where people do not have easy access to education. By taking an online lesson, you are indirectly contributing to the advancement of technology, which will eventually allow people in poorer countries to learn arts, mathematics, science, and a variety of other subjects.

There have already been discussions about loading an entire school’s curriculum onto tablets and shipping them to poorer countries to help people learn and improve their education system!

By taking an online lesson, you are joining those who are actively working to improve this technology.

The greater the demand, the more seriously governments and large corporations will take remote, online arts learning.

Never miss a violin lesson again

Never miss a violin lesson again because you can have them while on business or even on vacation.

The best part about learning to play the violin remotely is that you can always have a violin lesson whenever you have a good internet connection and a laptop handy.

Even if you don’t have a violin, your violin teacher can guide you through the art of theoretical and musical concepts.

Take advantage of a recording of your online violin lesson

Each lesson can now be easily recorded using technology, and we can provide you with that recording for future reference and study. Of course, an in-person lesson can be recorded with audio, but online lessons allow for the recording of both visual and audio content. That is ideal for in-depth private study of each lesson!

More flexible times and scheduling

Because of the convenience of online lessons, there is more flexibility in rescheduling and adapting lessons to fit your schedule.

It’s much more important to stick to a schedule with more traditional, face-to-face lessons. However, if necessary, arrangements can be made to change the time of a lesson with advance notice.

Because of modern lifestyles and work commitments, this is often a more convenient way of achieving regular lessons.

Enjoy online live concert opportunities and meet a community of like-minded adult amateur musicians

The Online Violin Institute, Online Singing Institute, Online Piano Institute, Online Cello Institute, and Online Guitar Institute offer high-quality remote music education for adult amateur musicians. We also offer exciting performance opportunities live online from anywhere on the globe!