Learn to play pop music on the piano using Skype!

Being able to play popular piano is a fantastic ability to have since it allows you to perform songs by your favorite pop pianists such as Elton John, Freddie Mercury, and Billy Joel.

The Online Piano Institute is thrilled to inform all adult pop piano enthusiasts that we now offer pop piano classes worldwide via Skype and FaceTime.

The power of technology has grown tremendously, and we are thrilled to be able to provide you with the best pop piano lessons available, no matter where you are in the world.

You can begin your pop piano lessons at any time of year as long as you have a piano (digital or acoustic), a computer, a good internet connection, and a camera.

It is indeed quite simple to take your lessons; you can even join using your smartphone!

Despite the fact that some people are still skeptical about the quality of piano lessons delivered via Skype or FaceTime, we can promise you that distance makes no difference.

Learning on a computer screen rather than in person has no effect on the outstanding teaching you will receive from our exceptional teachers.

Unfortunately, the belief that you must be in the same room with your instructor to get effective guidance may lead you to study with a poorly qualified and inexperienced instructor, resulting in demotivation.

It’s a pity that people choose location over quality!


Study with experienced piano teachers and learn the important progressions of pop music!

Our pop piano instructors have all had extensive experience teaching adults and have received the highest level of piano instruction.

Because of their exceptional knowledge and experience, they will make all of your pop piano lessons an enjoyable experience.

They will teach you everything you need to know to become the amazing pop pianist you’ve always wanted to be.

You’ll come across significant popular piano chord progressions like the I, VI, II, V or I, VI, IV, V progression.

In fact, the I, VI, IV, V progression is also known as the 50s progression, and it is an important aspect of popular piano playing since it allows you to play some of the biggest tunes like “Heart and Soul” and “Stand by me.”

You will also learn the major, minor, diminished, and augmented chords utilized in popular music.

You will undoubtedly have all of the knowledge needed to write your own tunes! What an incredible privilege!

Hands on piano keys

Learn from the convenience of your home even with zero prior experience

As previously stated, studying from the comfort of your own home with the world’s most renowned pop piano tutors can only be a benefit and a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Our pop piano lessons via Skype or FaceTime are available to people of all abilities, from absolute beginners with no prior musical knowledge to advanced amateur pop pianists.

Because of the variety of our pop piano lessons, you can be confident that you will find a course that meets your current level of ability, needs, and desires.

Grand piano

You have the massive opportunity to warm up before the start of your lessons

Warming up is critical for achieving peak performance. It is for this reason that musicians have access to backstage areas prior to a concert, as prepping your fingers is critical.

Attending your pop piano lessons unprepared and with chilly fingers will leave you disappointed by a poor performance after working hard all week to impress your piano instructor.

If you were to attend your pop piano lessons in person, you would obviously have to travel, and appropriate hand preparation would regretfully be unavailable to you.

You have the unique privilege to take your piano lessons on your own piano

Another huge benefit of taking pop piano lessons through Skype or FaceTime is that you don’t have to adapt to your instructor’s instrument every week.

Every piano is slightly different, and having to adjust to the various weight of the keys is exhausting.

As a result, you would be in an inconvenient situation that would undoubtedly impair your lessons.


Learn the piano from absolutely anywhere in the world!

As you are well aware, the physical distance between your piano instructor and yourself has no bearing on your pop piano lessons. On the contrary, there are numerous benefits that would make them more delightful.

At The Online Piano Institute, we welcome adult pop piano students of all ages and skills.

Whether you live in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, or Australia, you may finally become the brilliant pop pianist that you aspire to be without being hampered by geographical constraints.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals of playing like your favourite pop pianists!

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